nVidia report losses in the GPU department!

Yes. It was confirmed on the 26th of October that nVidia have sold less graphics cards, then ATi. It is documented that sales have slumped, and the market share has slipped 26% – and this was after the Summer of 2003. When ATi launched there very versatile 9X00’s.

The figures where compiled by Mercury Research, and where actually a surprise to alot of people. Especially Toms Hardware and AMD. Of course rivals ATi, where able to profit from this shift in market share, by increasing theirs from 49% to a massive 59%. Meaning they now hold over 1/2 the Graphics Processing market.

The news is even more brutal in the desktop segment where ATi and nVidia have been fighting tooth and nail for many moons, on providing the best GPU for the general public. Also nVidias latest shares reflect this problem.

Dean McCarron who is the principal analyst of Mercury Research, failed to comment on his findings. What is sure is ATi are leading the way in market placements. Although experts are fairly sure that nether companys have gained any ground in chips, against Intel.