Noby Noby Boy players hit all time low, Mars 2000 days away

It seems that as little as 1000 people are playing Noby Noby Boy right now, and at this rate it will take 2000+ days for GIRL to reach Mars. The news comes from a website set up to track multiple stats for the game, which follows how many people play, how much they play, what they do, how many new people play, and how long it will take to reach a certain goal.

Other news from the site reveals that the total number of players that gave the game a go is around the 60,000 mark. However it seems not many stick around, as BOY daily activity has sat around the 1500 mark for the last month, hardly ever pushing past 2000, and getting dangerously close to falling below 1000 at times.

The site also states that the number of new people to join the game fluctuates from between 300-500 daily, but with people continually leaving as well the growth of GIRL is also falling daily, which means it will take longer and longer to reach certain goals as more and more people cease playing.

The games creator, Keita Takahashi, recently said that it would take around 820 years to connect the entire solar system, but it is now very likely that number has climbled even higher.