Nobody Loves Katamari

It seems many copies of We Love Katamari have remain unloved and unwanted in gaming outlets across the UK. Yes, the charts are in and there is no sign of the critically acclaimed “roll-em-up” to be found anywhere in the top results in both the PS2 top 10 and the multi-format top 40 (although, inexplicably, Simpsons Hit and Run is still selling well!)

The obvious issue for the bad sales is the game itself. Now we are not saying the game is bad (far from it!) but when compared to titles that usually sell by the bucketload (namely the urban/sports/racing titles) Katamari may be a bit to “out there” for most casual gamers to pick up. There are other factors too; the pack artwork – all crayon and primary school doodling – may fit in with the theme but only further detracts from a casual purchase. The price is also to blame (as some high up exec at Namco made the decision for the game to be sold at full price). Then there were the hardcore gamers (in many ways these were Katamari’s target audience) who have already imported leaving another big void in sales. So there you have it, another great pick up and play title does not make it into households across the UK, what will happen with Pyschonauts and Shadow of the Colossus will the UK ever show a good taste in gaming?

Source The Guardian Gamesblog’s