No Rumble For Your PS3 If You Wanna Tilt

More info is coming in regarding the PS3’s new motion-sensing DualShock and it is bad news as it has been revealed that the pad won’t feature any kind of rumble function.

DualShock 2’s rumble feature has been dropped, says Sony, as the vibration “interferes with information detected by the sensor.” Without the rumble being in the way Sony says you can now expect “six-axis sensing system“, according to Sony – three for roll, pitch and yaw, and three for “3 dimension acceleration information” along the X, Y and Z axes.

Some new features have been been added to the pad though – Bluetooth functionality for linking to the console itself. The L2 and R2 buttons have been enlarged (or Xbox 360ized), and now have “increased depth in stroke for more subtle control in games”. In addition, the angle of the two joysticks has been slightly broadened. The controller also features a USB port for wired control and charging.