No PS3 price drop in 2008 says Hirai, mentions credit crunch and apples too

In a chat with Financial Times, Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hirai has confirmed that there will be no PS3 price drop this year.

The answer is yes, if you’re asking, ‘Are these the prices we’re going with this Christmas?‘” he told the FT. “When you really compare apples to apples, then I think we have a very good value proposition.

Hirai argues that the console is very competitive next to its peers, remarking that the lowest priced Xbox has no hard disk, and that PS3 plays high-definition Blu-Ray movies as standard unlike its competitors.

He also went on to say he does not expect the current economic downturn to cause much of a dent in video game sales.

As long as we can generate excitement, then we will be less affected than other industries,” he remarks.