No new project announcements from Will Wright for a few months

In an interview with Gamespot, Will Wright has said he has no plans to reveal any of the projects coming from his new studio as of yet.

If you have not being keeping up to date, it was revealed yesterday that Wright would be breaking away from EA to focus on stuff at that studio – which goes by the name Stupid Fun Club. However, it should be noted that EA can still publish games that come out of said studio should they so wish.

I think it’ll be a few months away. It’s going to depend on how things develop from here, but we’ve got several projects in the works right now and it’s just not clear when they’ll be announced. That’s my best guess yet,” comments Wright when questioned on the future by Gamespot.

However, lets not forget that this studio not only focuses on games, but on creating intellectual property and developing ideas for movies, television and toys too. So maybe the new project will not even be video game related when announced.