No brand new content for Portal: Still Alive

We have to admit we were very excited when we first heard about the XBLA release of Portal: Still Alive during the course of E3. In our head the prospect of new levels, some new GLaDOS quotes, and a selection of new cake recipes sounded very good. However, it seems the game will not be as new as we once though. In fact, everything about the XBLA release will be available on other platforms before the download is hits XBLA.

Firstly, the game won’t offer any brand new story-related elements what-so-ever. It will of course contain the original Portal story, but the ‘new’ levels will just be tacked on, and not be integrated into the story of the game. Also, those ‘new’ levels will not exactly be brand new either, as they are just the same levels seen in the  Portal: The Flash Version MapPack, which is already available on PC, for free.