Ninty Revolutionise At The TGS

Well at last it seems like that ultra long wait is finally over and “The Big N” have finally seen fit to offer us some of their trusted Revolution secrets. During a press conference at the TGS which unsurprisingly takes place in Tokyo Satoru Iwata offered that salivation masses some choice words about the upcoming and much hyped Nintendo console.

First off he told the crowds that Nintendo has built a bigger game population in three ways Famicom Mini, GB Micro and the Nintendo DS. Following up on this Iwata mentioned that the current “touch generation” games such as Nintendogs and Brain Trainer have been selling well and look like they were a good move for the company he mention that Nintendogs has topped one million units shipped in Japan already with 60% of Nintendogs buyers picked up the game with a DS, according to Club Nintendo statistics. We realized by now that Iwata likes talking about sales and we were hoping for better things.

He then started talking about how to build game population going forward (this is where we got kind of excited). He then started talking off wifi and announced he would reveal much more on next-generation wifi this October. He also unlived the logo for the service as you can see by one of the screens on this page. After this (what we would class a slightly boring news) a minor miracle happened.

As you can now see for yourself he introduced the world to the new exciting aspects of the Revolution and as you can see from the screens the controller is really a break from the norm, it seems like it will definitely offering something new to the gaming world but right now were not quiet sure what exactly that “new” will be. We would not be too worried to, almost the whole world never understood the DS when it was first announced but after a quick play on it Nintendo convinced us it was good and then by launch some quality titles for it our minds we changed very quickly. It is quit possibly not many people may understand the appeal of the revolution until we see some more demos or finally get our hands on the finished machine.

Incase the images are to much for you here are some bullet point on the new controller
– Revolution controller looks like futuristic television remote.
– Glossy white design.
– Looks Apple iPod inspired.
– Controller is held in one hand, assortment of attachments in the other.
– Attachments connect to the bottom of the controller.
– Ninty Thinking about packing Revolution with the main controller and attachment
– Controller acts like a mouse in real-space 3D. Pefect for FPS games!
– Many Future attachments planned.

The most revolutionary part of the controller is the way it can be used as a mouse in real space 3D. Small sensors have to be placed near the TV which tracks position and orientation which takes the player inside the game doing what you ask it to do by gestures using the remote. (Imagine slashing Links sword with a swipe of you hand or aiming in Metroid Prime by moving your hand up and down)

The real question will be is this really classed a revolution in gaming, right now things do look good but we will need to see much more if this revolution is to be believed. It looks like Nintendo could be on to something with their new idea but there is still a lot we don’t know. Just when we thought they were going to reveal everything they snapped some of the more interesting info right back and make us start salivating again as we wait for more info. Well now that wait begins again until Nintendo want to give us another small glimpse are their new baby, will their new baby make a really big noise? Remember they promised the same thing with the GameCube which was not what one would call a smashing success.