Ninty Patent Voice To Text Ranging

Two new patent applications have shown up on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website. Apparently both were filed by Nintendo of America in July of 2004 but didn’t show up on the website until today.

The first application deals with a voice converting system for “remote video game play.” Which according to gaming website Kotaku means displaying the spoken words in actual text. Moreover, the text changes and is given distinct characteristics depending on how the words are uttered. For example, if you speak a word more loudly than others, it will appear in large font.

The other application is voice chat having “amplitude-based virtual ranging.” This means that if I am playing a game and another character is far away from me while I will have to speak more loudly so my voice actually carries over to the person I want to recieve it. It is unknown whether these will be a part of the Revolution but both of them sure sound interesting.

The whole patent can be read here but prepare to get very, very confused!

Source Kotaku