Ninty Expect 6 Million Wiis Sold By April 2007

In a report by global news outlet Reuters, Nintendo has announced that it expects to sell six million Wii’s by the end of March 2007. The news comes as the company releases its financial results for the year, which ended on March 31st 2006.

With the launch of Wii expected by the end of the year, Nintendo has revealed its forecasts for Net Sales and Net Income for the six months to September 30th 2006 and the end of year on March 31st 2007. Net Sales for the first six months are set to hit ¥220 billion (£1.05 billion) before surpassing both 2005 and 2006 figures with expectations of ¥600 billion (£2.85 billion) at the end of 2007, whilst Net Income is expected to drop by approximately a third on the year to ¥65 billion (£308.9 million). Expectations for Net Income for the first six months of the financial year stand at ¥15 billion (£71.3 million).

The company has recently announced that a re-vamped Nintendo DS, the DS Lite, will be arriving in Europe on June 23rd and will be available in two different colours. Reiterating its intentions, the company states that, “Nintendo places the highest emphasis on providing customers with a ‘world of fun’, which is both innovative and entertaining with creative elements that have never been experienced…[we] will continue the challenge to provide an unprecedented gaming experience.