Nintendo’s roundtable gives more detail on their E3 games

Yesterday saw respected Nintendo developers like Shigeru Miyamoto get together to demonstrate upcoming games and answer questions. Also present was Tasia Yeguchi, who somehow finds the time to be producer of Animal Crossing: City Folk, Wii Sports Resort and Wii Music.

Here’s a concise list of the main points that were covered.

Animal Crossing: City Folk

– You can save Animal Crossing screenshots directly to SD cards, for easy transfer to PC or to your Wii friends Message Boards

– Apparently the multiplayer issues from Wild World (DS) will return in City Folk. So when one person leaves your town, the rest of the players will get disconnected too. Yeguchi is apologetic for not being able to fix this problem, but says that players will be able to do more things together, such as watch a show.

– City Folk will be intergrated with Wii Connect 24 functionality, so players can expect updates containing things such as new furniture and wallpaper to be waiting for them when they turn on the Wii.

– The new Animal Crossing will also feature “enhanced user creativity”. An example given was that when a player is designing their own T-shirt, they will now be able to customise not just the front of it, but the back and each sleeve as well.

– Animal Crossing will now have Wii-DS connectivity! You will be able to transfer characters and items from the DS to the Wii and vice-versa. Also, if a player does not have Wi-Fi at home, but wants to visit their friends town, they can take their DS over to a friends house and upload their character from the DS.

– Weather Channel integration was considered, but the devs decided that this would end up making players in some regions have too much/not enough variation in weather. However, seasons are a big part of the game, and will still be present.

Wii Sports: Resort

– The whole game is set on a tropical island, and will be “filled with sports and leisure activities that reflect the nature of the locale”. Obviously, swordfighting is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of beach sports…

– According to Yeguchi, games such as the jetskiing “would not be possible without Wii MotionPlus”. He also mentioned that although there may have been other swordfighting games on the Wii, none could recreate the realistic motion see in Wii Sports: Resort. Anyone who has played Red Steel would know this to be true..

– Wii MotionPlus apparently measures angles of rotation, and adds that to the accelerometer data from the remote itself. MotionPlus will not add any new functionality to existing games.

– Wii Sports: Resort will require the Wii MotionPlus to play, so you will be required to purchase more to experience multiplayer. Although, there will be some pass-the-remote games included, like the Bowling and Golf in Wii Sports were.

– Staff from WaveRace 64 (which Yeguchi also directed) will be working on the jetskiing game. The team intends to create a game that “surpasses Wave Race” and will “exceed WaveRace in depth”. Sounds good to us!

– Yeguchi can’t say at the moment how many games will feature in the final Wii Sports: Resort product, but he’d “like to have ten”. If all of these games have the accessibility and hidden depths of the Wii Sports games, then this may be an essential purchase for any Wii owner

Wii Music

– To confirm, although other rhythm games require the precise matching of notes, Nintendo are going for something different. Miyamoto pointed out that when playin Wii Music, the player doesn’t even need to be looking at the screen. I guess that means they can just concentrate on having fun, right?

– The demo version that Miyamoto was seen playing only features 26 of the full 60+ instruments that will be in the final game. We bet the average Wii gamer would struggle to name 60 different instruments, so this should be more than enough.

– Some of the instruments that have been confirmed include guitar, harpsichord, toy piano, vibraphone, cowbell, steel drums, trumpet, bongos, violin, piano, marimba and maracas.

– Players can change the arrangement and tempo of each song they perform, and record all of this to a music video which can be shared with Wii friends via Wii Connect 24.

– The drumming ‘simulator’ will be a completely separate mode that also includes a lesson structure that, according to Miyamoto, can teach anyone how to play the drums “in a few weeks”.

– The 50 songs featured in Wii Music will include a wide variety of public domain songs, but also some licensed music. Nintendo haven’t considered the notion of DLC, which given the Wii’s limited storage space is probably a good thing.

– Songs that have been confirmed so far include Legend of Zelda Overworld Theme, Super Mario Bros. Theme, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Yankee Doodle, the Overture from the opera Carmen and some song from F-Zero.

Wii Music and Animal Crossing: City Folk should be out in Europe by Christmas, but Wii Sports: Resort isn’t set for release until Spring 2009.