Nintendogs to come in 3 editions

Yes Nintendogs will be released in 3 versions, each containing a different set of dogs, waiting for your loving!!

It seems that Nintendo will be releasing Nintendogs in three different editions. Each edition will contain its own set of dogs waiting your instruction. Each edition and the dogs they contain are broken down below.

Edition 1 Dachs & Friends

Dachs & Friends

– Miniature Schnauzer

– Yorkshire Terrier

– Miniature Dachshund

– German Shepherd

– Pug

Edition 2 Chihuahua & Friends

– Shetland Sheepdog

– Miniature Pinscher

– Shiba

– Welsh Corgie Puppy

– Toy Poodle

Wallpapers (Shows White DS announced in related news article on the main D-Z page)