Nintendo Win Awards for Advertising

It has been revealed that Smashing Ideas has won an Internet Advertising Competition Awards for Nintendo Projects. Awards won include three for Smashing Ideas’ Nintendo projects: “Outstanding Integrated Ad Campaign” for Nintendogs “Best Game Site Integrated Ad Campaign” for Nintendo Trace Memory and “Best Toy & Hobby Rich Media Online Campaign” for Nintendo Polarium.

The Web Marketing Association presents the awards annually to agencies that uphold a high standard of excellence and produce innovative, compelling web-based products. “All three projects for Nintendo reveal Smashing Ideas’ flair for creativity, and ability to engage young, tech-savvy computer users,” said William Rice, president of the Web Marketing Association. “They’re outstanding individual projects, and even when viewed separately, easily discernible as the work of Smashing Ideas.

We’re very pleased that our entries won Internet Advertising Competition awards this year,” said Tiffany Young, creative director, Smashing Ideas. “The competition was filled with impressive work from a host of qualified agencies.