Nintendo to launch a rainbow, and other handheld ne

Nintendo is planning to launch the Nintendo DS in several colors, similar to the launch of GameBoy Advance. You surprised?? No neither am i!

– Capcom announced they will develop a N-Gage port of the card battle game Catan, the game will also support 4 players via Bluetooth. Catan is scheduled to release in Q1 05 on the N-GAGE.

The developer of The Lord of the Ring The Two TowersStormFront Studios, mentioned that they will begin the work for their first PSP title soon.

Nintendo reported strong pre-sells of Pokemon FireRed / LeafGreen for GBA , more than 150,000 copies of the game have been reserved by overly eager Pokemon fans

– Nintendo of Europe will release the Final Fantasy I & II Advance Dawn of Souls for GBA in Europe on December 10. The game has so far sold extremely well since release in Japan.