Nintendo scores lowest rating in Greenpeace test for third year running

Following terrible scores in previous years, Nintendo have once again came in in last place on Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics listing. This time Nintendo have scored a 0.8, which is higher than the rock bottom 0.3 of last year, but still not much to brag about.

It seems the score is due to Nintendo not giving Greenpeace enough information, which leads to them automatically receiving a bad grade in almost all the categories that make up the final score.

Nintendo remains in last place with a pitiful 0.8 points out of 10, scoring zero on all e-waste criteria. The company has banned phthalates and is monitoring use of antimony and beryllium and although it is endeavouring to eliminate the use of PVC, it has not set a timeline for its phase out.

Nintendo discloses carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from its own operations and commits to cutting CO2emissions and other greenhouse gases by 2% over each previous year. However, Nintendo admits that an increase in business led to a 6% rise in CO2 emissions in 2006.

Once again, other companies that have a stake in gaming have done better than Nintendo. Microsoft got a 2.7 for their work, and Sony did even better still, earning a 5.5. This however pales in comparison to Samsung and Nokia, who earned a score of 7.5 and 6.9 respectively.

If you want to read all the infomation available, you can check out the lenghty PDF that Greenpeace have released.