Nintendo of Europe update their websites

Written by Scorpio

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Chaa-riiing! That’s the sound of our sparkling site revamp glistening in the midday sun. You’ve now got a Nintendo site that’s prettier to look at, easier to use, and chock to the blocks with stuff to read, explore and do.

Our new year’s resolution was to make the Nintendo site even better for you. We hope – believe – we’ve succeeded. Pretty much every page has been improved, added to, repainted or polished. The result it’s that much easier to find what you’re looking for – and that much more common to stumble upon something that truly excites you.

For Guests…

As promised, the magic redesign powder has been copiously sprinkled. The homepage is clearer and crammed with even more info (such as the handy Site Stats). The news pages have been totally redesigned. Our game pages are easier on the eye – and much easier to use.

Take your time to look around the site and explore everything – and keep your dial tuned right here, as there’s more than one ‘hidden’ feature waiting to be unveiled later in the year.

…and for Members

Most of what’s new is for member eyes only. The biggest change is that Club Members and VIPs have been gifted with stunning new lounge pages – dedicated site areas overflowing with more exclusive features than ever before.

Visit Nintendo of Europe here

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