Nintendo May Not Reveal Revolution Specs

Nintendo of Europe executive has stated that the company is staying well out of the scrap over who has the most powerful next-gen console, and has no plans to start piling in.

In a magazine interview Jim Merrick revealed the following

“Regarding the specifications, we will probably never ‘release’ this information as we feel that it is largely irrelevant. While some of our competitors enjoy comparing specifications, it has little or nothing to do with how satisfied the consumers will be with the system and the games once they are released.”

“I know people are hungry for information on Revolution and we respect and appreciate that, but we don’t want to contribute to the cloud of meaningless information that surrounds the next generation systems.”.

Merrick said the development of Revolution instalments in the Zelda, Mario, Metroid Prime and Smash Brothers series is “progressing well”, and reaffirmed that not all games will use the “freehand” style remote controller – there’s the “classic-style expansion controller” as well, of course.

“This option is there for new games that will be created that are most suited to a traditional style of controller. We are not trying to say that the ‘traditional’ controller design is not valid, in fact Nintendo is responsible for most of the features that are found on today’s traditional controllers,”