Nintendo launch Music Voucher shop

Nintendo today unveiled their new use for your hard earned Nintendo Club stars. Members now have the ability to trade these stars for music vouchers for downloading tracks. Nintendo have teamed up with EMI fr this offer, and the tracks are purchased from This simple yet slightly odd announcement seems to be Nintendo’s next attempt at doing more than just games on the back of rumours of a DS redesign coming loaded with more than the usual features.

Through the Music Voucher service, one song sets you back 350 stars whereas two songs costs 700 stars. The third division is an album which costs a whopping 3000 stars! These equate to roughly:

1 track – 65p
2 tracks – £1.30
Album – £7.50

When compared to similar services, such as iTunes, Nintendo seem to be coming a little cheaper than the competition. Also considering that the main way to obtain stars is through buying Nintendo games as a free bonus, this new service appears to be pretty good value.

You can view a tutorial of how to go about trading your stars for songs, right here.