Nintendo In 2005 – What To Expect

Nintendo’s lineup for 2005 comes loaded with innovative new games that take advantage of the touch-screen and wireless capabilities of the new Nintendo DS. Likewise, owners of Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance SP will find new ways to enjoy new and favorite franchises. New tricks like using bongos to control characters in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat for Nintendo GameCube and an internal gyro sensor in WarioWare Twisted! for Game Boy Advance SP enhance the game experience as only Nintendo can.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll be playing on Nintendo systems in the first part of 2005, along with dozens of unannounced titles that are now in development.

Nintendo DS

* Feb. 14 WarioWare Touched! from Nintendo
* March 14 Pokémon Dash from Nintendo
* March Yoshi Touch & Go from Nintendo
* March Retro Atari Classics from Atari
* Q1 Need for Speed Underground 2 from Electronic Arts
* May Ultimate Card Games from Telegames* June Ultimate Brain Games from Telegames
* Q2 World Championship Poker from Crave Entertainment
* And new titles from Nintendo like Metroid Prime Hunters and Polarium, as well as Nintendo franchise titles for Mario Kart, Animal Crossing and Advance Wars.

Nintendo GameCube

* Jan. 11 Resident Evil 4 from Capcom
* Jan. 11 Virtua Quest from SEGA
* Feb. 8 NBA Street V3 from Electronic Arts
* [/b]Feb. 14 Star Fox Assault from Nintendo
* February Winnie the Pooh from Ubisoft
* March 14 Donkey Kong Jungle Beat from Nintendo
* March Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Chaos Theory from Ubisoft
* March Dragon Ball Z Sagas from Atari
* March Mortal Kombat Deception from Midway
* April Donkey Konga 2 from Nintendo
* Q2 Geist from Nintendo
* Spring 2005 Killer 7 from Capcom
* And an all-new adventure of The Legend of Zelda from Nintendo is in development.

Game Boy Advance SP

* Jan. 10 The Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap from Nintendo
* January Banjo Pilot from THQ
* February Shaman King Legacy of the Spirits – Soaring Hawk from Konami
*February Shaman King Legacy of the Spirits – Sprinting Wolf from Konami
* February Ace Combat Advance from Namco
* February Klonoa 2 from Namco
* February Winnie the Pooh from Ubisoft
* March 21 WarioWare Twisted! from Nintendo
* March 28 Mario Party Advance from Nintendo
* March Backyard Baseball from Atari
* April 25 Pokémon Emerald from Nintendo
* Q2 Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones from Nintendo
* Q2 Ultimate Pocket Games from Telegames