Nintendo goes Tribal

Nintendo is going Tribal, with it’s new SP, and to celerate this a new website has launched – The Tribal SP Microsite http//

NOE Press Release

June 18th marks the release of this summer’s hottest style gadget, the Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Tribal Edition. Designed by master tattoo artist, Mister Cartoon, Tribal appeals to gamers looking for a more individual handheld system, and something incredibly cool. And you can be assured that it is cool, as Cartoon has tattooed the likes of Eminem, 50 Cent, Beyoncé, and the ever-popular Justin Timberlake.

To mark this prestigious occasion, we have recreated the most undesirable tattoo parlour imaginable, but filled it with a whole load of interactivity, and information. Discover the entertaining interactive items, explore the expansive parlour, and read up on the Tribal SP Edition.

Identify the origins of the unique design, be amazed by tattoo trivia, and learn about everything Tribal – even if you’re not into that whole inking thing, then give our dedicated Tribal site a whiz anyway, just to experience how cool it is.

The Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Tribal Edition will be launched to an expectant Europe on June 18th for around £90.