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Nintendo gives devs more space on 3DS, downloads can top out at 2GB [Update]

Update: Bad news, Tommy Refenes has come forward, commenting that he was misquoted. “Misquoted in an interview. I don’t know what the eShop size limit is. Some editorial liberties were taken with what I said,” he recently posted on Twitter.

During a chat with Nintendo Gamer (a mag that Nintendo Everything recently flipped through), Super Meat Boy developer Tommy Refenes,  revealed that Nintendo has changed stance on the size downloadable games on thier platforms can top out at.

40MB is horrible, but 2GB is reasonable,” Refenes commented, revealing the change in Nintendo’s mindset. The 40MB limit was set in stone for WiiWare games many years back, and Nintendo refused to change it – meaning Super Meat Boy could never be available for download on the platform. The new 2GB size is the limit for 3DS downloadable games, which matches the limit Microsoft has set for developers for XBLA releases on the Xbox 360.  It is likely Nintendo will bring the same size increase to Wii U in  the future – hopefully expanding on what that console can do in the downloadable space.

Super Meat Boy would have been on WiiWare if we could have had just a few more megabytes of space – you can only compress stuff so much before you have to start cutting out huge parts of your game. Unfortunately, at that point, it just isn’t worth the time,” commented Refenes on how the developer was limited in the past by the restrictions.

It should be noted that the standard size of a 3DS game cartridge is also 2GB, which means some retail 3DS games could appear as downloads in the future – but at this point, there are not even small whispers of something like that happening.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that the 3DS can only be used with SD cards up to 32GB – so hopefully devs don’t let their games become too bloated.