Nintendo finally show Wii Music at E3

After many years of speaking about the game, dropping hints, and wearing sunglasses indoors, Nintendo has finally let Wii Music out of the bag and demoed it on stage at E3. The game will apparently let people with next to no rhythm experience the joys of music. Or let “everyone including people who can’t read music and can’t play real instruments” if you want to quote Nintendo

The demo started after they wheeled a drummer out on stage, and he used the Wiimote and nunchuk to play the drums. He also used the Wii Board (from Wii Fit) to act as a bass pedal. There is also options for piano and xylophone and stuff like that. Each instrument is apparently played differently.

Shigeru Miyamoto demoed playing a saxophone, and admit he had no idea how to play a real one, but Wii Music let him mimic via button presses.

Mii’s are obviously included too, jumping about and having fun as you play the 50 different instruments available.