Nintendo DS to incorporate movie playback

CNN has reported the following

“In an analyst report issued Wednesday, P.J. McNealy of American Technology Research said a two-hour movie (fit onto a 128 MB flash cartridge) has been successfully demonstrated on the DS. Whether Nintendo will offer this functionality when the machine is released remains to be seen.

“This is a change in Nintendo’s traditional focus as a gaming company,” he wrote, “but, in our opinion, a necessary move to not only protect its market share in the handheld space but to also expand its revenue streams as its gaming enthusiasts grow older.

“If Nintendo does offer multimedia playback in the DS, it would set the stage for an even bigger showdown between the device and Sony’s PSP, a game device that also plays movies, though on a larger (single) screen. (Sony last week delayed the North American launch of the PSP until early 2005.)”

This may be a misinterption by the casual media and they might just be showing that the DS can do FMV playback for games etc… but hopefully they’re working on a USB peripheral for encoding movies to MPG4, at the lower resolution, and transferring to the cards.