Nintendo “don’t want your appetite to ever be satisfied”


Nintendo have made little to no sense in a recent interview with BitMob. In the interview, Nintendo’s Denise Kaigler comments that core gamers can never be satisfied, and Nintendo should not ever truly satisfy them.

“I will give you that hardcore gamers have an insatiable appetite for everything Nintendo,” she said, “and we love that! We love that. When we get to a point where core gamers say, “OK, Nintendo, enough! We don’t need any more games from you guys….” None of us wants to be put in that position, right?

We don’t want your appetite to ever be satisfied, because when we satisfy you, it’s time for us to go [dusts off hands], “OK! Let’s go on home now!” And none of us wants to go home. So there’s this sort of fun…relationship, I think, that’s happening between Nintendo and the hardcore gamer — which we enjoy and hope that the core gamer enjoys it.

We’ll never get Pikmin 3 and a new F-Zero at this rate will we?