Nintendo confirm Cooking Guide DS for June


Over on their official UK site Nintendo has confirmed Talk! DS Cuisine Navigator will be coming to Euro shores. It will go by the name Cooking Guide: Can’t Decide What to Eat? over here, and will boast a selection of different recipes to better suit this side of the world. If you have not heard of the title before, it is best described as an interactive cookbook with videos and step-by-step guides to help in preparing dishes

Nintendo boast that the game will have hundreds of recipes from all over the world, with the ability to search for recipes based on how long they take to cook, key ingredient, ease of preparation and country of origin.

Apparently, the game can even help long before you start to cook with the option to compile a shopping list of all the ingredients you need for a particular recipe. You can then take Cooking Guide to the shop to add up your bill with its added calculator function. When you start cooking there is even a timer function included with the title so you won’t even,

When you are finished cooking you can then play a bit of Wii Fit to get rid of the extra weight!