Nintendo.. because they’re worth it

A recent Bloomberg report is stating that now industry insiders know more about the PSP and Nintendo’s forthcoming NDS. It would be more than worth your money staking it on Nintendo and its 95% handheld market share.

In large part due to the price range of the forthcoming PSP (predictions are £200-£300), and features the unit will have, the system will in part be out of reach to most people under 16 (Currently 50% of the handheld market are under 16). Even if the PSP did perform well it would be hard pressed to affect even half of Nintendo’s market share audience and then win them over with its huge price and possible delicate nature.

After the announcement of the PSP at last years E3 trade show, Nintendo stock dived 16% overnight, but after taking a look at the big picture, and seeing what Nintendo has up its sleeves, stock in Nintendo has climbed 39% and is surging full steam ahead.