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Nintendo announces the “Year of Luigi” – new games coming in 2013

Nintendo has declared 2013 the year of Luigi, and the company intends to make, as Iwata names him, the “great lime-light” comes to the front of Nintendo’s world.

First and foremost, Miyamoto (!) showcased the new platforming elements of Luigi’s mansion, leading the creator of Mario to declare excitedly that this game is more accessible and similar to a traditional platforming game than the previous Luigi’s mansion. It’s a “light-hearted game centered around all the fun interactions with the ghosts.” And it’s available in Europe on March 28th! There is confirmed multiplayer mode as well – four players can work together in online or offline mode. Perhaps we missed it, but I wasn’t aware of the online modes in the multiplayer.

Next, there’s also a new installment in the Mario & Luigi series – Mario & Luigi Dream Team.

Next, there’s a new Mario Golf game in the works for the 3Ds! Luigi may not be the main character here, but it’s incredibly similar to the previous entries. It’s being developed by Camelot, and will be released this summer.

Next, there’s an update coming for Super Mario Bros. U – an update will allow you to update the game to be named New Super Luigi U! An excellent update, and it’s coming to the Wii U e-shop this summer. No – it’s not a brand new game, but it takes existing levels and configures them for the beloved plumber’s brother.

Next, there’s a place coming on the Wii U in the Miiverse community for the Legend of Zelda – a community base for all things related to Zelda.

Next, the Europe side of Nintendo has announced that Monster Hunter III Ultimate will launch in a 3Ds bundle on March 22th, meaning that the game will be available as the same time as its Wii U counterpart. Each version can even be played with each other, leading to cross-platform compatibility.

Black and White 3Ds XL will be available in Europe over the next few weeks.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate will be available on March 8th.

Next, Fire Awakening: Emblem will be available on April 8th, alongside with a limited edition 3Ds bundle!

… and that’s about it folks. No word of a Zelda 3Ds bundle or re-release news for NA or Europe, but this information is still very appreciated.