Pokemon Wb2

Nintendo announces Pokemon Black/White 2, forgets all about Grey

Andriasang have reported the shocking news that Nintendo will be releasing another Pokemon game down the line. It is confirmed to be coming to DS, meaning the series will not be moving forward to the 3DS just yet – which is actually more shocking than the joking ‘shocking’ mentioned in the previous sentence.

This time, the game(s) are called Pokemon Black/White 2, instead of the obvious Pokemon Grey that everyone was expcting after Yellow, Crystal, Emerald & Platinum. It seems Nintendo has found a mysterious fascination with numbered titles after Mario Kart 7. Obviously, all of  this weirdness means the world will really now end this year.

Not much news was revealed about the new Poke title, but like all other Pokemon games expect Nintendo and Game Freak to leak out tidbits of news all the way up to the game’s release, which is set for June in Japan by the way. The first of these tidbits are expected to be the names of the titles two Legendary Pokemon, which are set to be revealed sometime in the next seven days.

If rumors prove to be correct, Pokemon Grey could still come to 3DS in the future – thus making everything right with the world again