Nintendo and Sony post good December sales in the U

Sonys announced they have now shipped 70million units Worldwide a breakdown of which is
[*] Japan – 16.18 million units
[*] North America – 29.26 million units
[*] Europe / PAL – 24.56 million units

2 million of these where sold in the USA in December alone. Sales of 1st party software is up by 129% over the previous 2 months , whilst the Eyetoy is now in 400,000 American homes.
Sony also claim to have over 2.4million PS2’s connected to the Sony Online market.

Nintendo on the Other hand are claiming Victory for the whole of 2003 in the USA. NoA’s PR Perrin Kaplan claims Nintendos 2 pieces of hardware (GC & GBA) are the only consoles with year on year increases of sales, and now claim 2nd spot in the USA. With 6.8million units shifted in total (3.17million this year alone) Nintendo have staged a massive fight back and are starting to gain momentum.
Sales of this years biggest title in the USA Mario Kart Double Dash!! have reached over 1 million units in as little as 7 weeks, making it NoA fastest selling GC title to date.

All that is known on Microsoft is that 991,000 units were sold in USA in December, although they claimed to have outsold Nintendo, who sold 1.1million Gamecubes. Expect the PR machines to be working frantically in the next few days.

Also in the interview with IGN Perrin Kaplin also announced that Nintendo will be announcing their 2004 software line up for 2004 in thje USA next week, and when asked
IGNcube If we were to flip a coin — one side mystery machine and the other the next-generation console — which side would it land on at E3 2004?

Perrin It might land on its side.

So could we be seeing both pieces of Hardware at E3 only time will tell!