Nintendo and E3

Nintendo has set a date, now all gamers have to do is wait.

In a recently circulated email, Nintendo has reminded the press that next E3, it will be Nintendo’s turn.

The gaming giant has told press members to schedule a May 9 conference in the Kodak Theatre at 930am American Pacific Standard Time.

“You’re probably just starting to plan your time for 2006. With a mere 165 days to go (give or take), it’s time to start thinking about next year’s E3. Nintendo is most certainly thinking about it. So pencil us in,” the company wrote in an official mass-mailing to media. “You’ll hear all the incredible details about Nintendo’s upcoming games and hardware, including our next home console, codenamed Revolution. You won’t want to miss it. See you there.”

Exciting indeed, although a little dissapointing that there will be little on the console between now and then.

Source Nintendo Press Email