NinjaBee Working On Another XBLA Title

In an interview with, Jeremy Throckmorton and Steve Taylor from NinjaBee, developers of Outpost Kaloki X on Xbox Live Arcade, have revealed that they are currently at work on an unannounced title for the Xbox Live Arcade.

[i] [] There have been rumours that while the idea of a sequal to OPX is being batted around, it won’t be the next game released by NinjaBee, care to shed any light on this?

[Steve] Sure! Our next title for XBLA is actually nearing completion now, but hasn’t been officially announced yet. It’s a very different game from Outpost Kaloki, but it has some similar elements like a focus on humor. We’re very proud of it, and we’re excited to see it released. Microsoft contributed a lot to this game, and it has a bigger feature set and more advanced technology than OKX.[/i]