NinjaBee Commence Cloning Clyde For XBLA

NinjaBee who are best known for their highly entertaining Xbox Live Arcade title Outpost Kaloki X have announced they will be bringing a second title to Xbox 360 amusingly titled Cloning Clyde. The game is billed as a completely unique 3D adventure and puzzle game that may bring new meaning to the word “schizophrenic”.

Clyde was an ordinary guy before Dupliclone Inc. paid him $20 to take part in a cloning experiment. Now he’s multiple “ordinary guys” trapped in the nefarious Dupliclone Lab. To escape his diabolical captors, Clyde is going to have to get a little creative with himself and those around him. Lucky for him, Dupliclone left a whole lot of strange technology lying around, and it’s up to Clyde to clone, combine, and mutate his way out of the evil Dupliclone trap. As Clyde adventures and meets new inhabitants of the Dupliclone labs, he’ll combine with apes, frogs, chickens, and more. Yes, even Chicken-Clyde will aid in the great escape!

Cloning Clyde makes full use of Xbox 360’s advanced processing, graphics, sound, and unique Xbox Live online game service features including achievements, leaderboards, online play, and more! In addition to a single-player story and individual challenging scenarios, enjoy multiplayer split-screen or online play, both co-op and vs. modes, with friends from all over the world.