Ninja Gaiden Sigma Content Coming To PSN

If you have not spent enough money on Ninja Gaiden during its three (three!) separate releases, then you will be glad to hear that Tecmo is once again looking for some more of your money as they are releasing three new modes for Ninja Gaiden Sigma, the new modes will be available to download from the PlayStation Network over the next three months. The packs will priced at $2.99 in the US, a European/UK price is currently not known.

The first new extras will go by the name Weapon Master, and will challenge those who buy it to fight off hordes of enemies. Speed Master is next, which will see you face the hoards in a much more timely fashion as you race against the clock. Then Rachel Master is the last one, which has you control the new character against waves of enemies, I guess you could call them hordes as well.

Now, if only Itagaki would stop releasing silly money grabbing updates and quit complaining when others release a brand new quality title when he is stuck with silly remakes from yesteryear then perhaps we’d be much happier. Ninja Gaiden 2 much?