Nicole Kidman To Star In DS Adverts

Because Chris Tarrant forgot to renew his contract (allegedly!), Nintendo has today announced that Nichole Kidman has agreed to star, and actually already filmed, a set of adverts for the upcoming DS release of Brain Training from Dr Kawashima: How Old is Your Brain? The actress will appear in all European marketing campaigns for the game, including both print and TV.

I love the concept that Nintendo is reaching out to new audiences with their self improvement products like Brain Training. Most importantly, I’ve quickly found that training my brain is a great way to keep my mind young,” said Kidman (allegedly!) when she was question on the matter.

Nintendo UK’s marketing director Dawn Paine added “The Brain Training phenomenon is sweeping the globe, enjoyed by over 10 million people from grandparents to Oscar winning actors. We believe that Nicole Kidman’s leading role in the campaign and the revelation of her DS Brain Age will surprise and excite people all over Europe.

Kidman’s first TV advert is scheduled to air on ITV1 tonight at 7:45pm… and a quick check in the Radio Times tells me that’s during Coronation Street! Of course, if Deirdre’s neck freaks you out then you can always check out the advert on YouTube after it airs (allegedly!).