Nico Ico 2 On It’s Way!

We all know it is in development don’t we, but now we have the first morsel of information to confirm it is actually really happening.

Ok now this may be slightly confusing so but bear with me. There is a clock on [link=http//]Sony’s Japanese website[/link] which is counting down to Sept 10 which is when, according to the site 2 big titles to be announced.

There is actually no information about Nico on the site itself you have to digger deeper to find the information. If you know your stuff you can find the source of the action script of the flash file and within this you can find out what the clock on the site is counting down to. One of the games is called Genji and the other is Nico.

Infact we believe a video of both games will be released once the clock reaches zero. Exciting isn’t it!