Next Tomb Raider ‘Well In Development’

In the most top heavy news item of the day Eidos have confirmed that work on the next edition of Tomb Raider is well under way. It is currently thought that the new title will be the second game in a proposed trilogy that started with Tomb Raider Legend. The revelation came as Eidos’ Ian Livingstone sat down and had a chat with Spong, where, in the most bluntest of reveals he announced that “The next Tomb Raider is well in development now.”

Thankfully, he was also a bit more talkative and went onto comment about how new life has been brought into to the Tomb Raider games since the switch from the once Derby based devs Core Design, to Crystal Dynamics over in the US. “It was a very bold move for us to move the development from [developer] Core over to in the US. It was a difficult decision, but we had to do it, because of Angel of Darkness not meeting our expectations,” Livingstone commented.

From there he went on to talk about the TR movie’s and spoke about meeting Angelina Jolie, where he admitted that, “I’m still recovering from that first experience of meeting her. You just turn into a gibbering wreck in her presence! We’d been up to Pinewood studios to watch her doing a few moves and being filmed. She walked over and said, “Hi, I’m Angelina.” I said, “Hi, I’m Ian” and after that I was lost for words. It was all over!