Next EGM To Be Stuffed With Revo Goodness?

In the next issue of EGM (due early May) the mag is set to reveal some intresting Revo titbits. This image is the only details we have at the moment. You’d think people would buy better camera’s…

A transcript of the article above reads as follows “Oh, Nintendo, you big tease. You gave the world a glimpse of the most intriguing game system ever—the remote-control-powered Revolution—last year, and then you shut up about it. Well, we’re not having it. EGM, in our single-minded pursuit of all things next-gen, has at long last infiltrated Nintendo’s distant fortress of secrecy to get an up close, all-access, world-exclusive visit with the company’s next home console, the Revolution. We interview Nintendo’s top dogs about their plans for taking back your living room with the system’s simple online connectivity, lineup of revolutionary games, and back catalog of downloadable classics. More importantly, we’re getting an exclusive hands-on play session with the system—and you have a front-row seat. You won’t find this info in any other magazine. Nintendo’s ready to talk—but only to EGM.

Thanks to Bishna who makes his home over at GoNintendo for all of the above.