Newest Sims 2 Expansion Goes Gold

Electronic Arts announced today that The Sims 2 Open for Business expansion pack for the PC has gone gold and will hit store shelves on March 2nd. With The Sims 2 Open for Business, your Sims can create virtually any kind of business from a trendy clothing boutique or hip beauty salon to a blooming floral shop or bustling restaurant chain. As a savvy entrepreneur, your Sim must keep an eye out for slacker employees and be prepared to fire them as quickly as they hired them!

Create a Bustling Business
Open your Sim’s dream store, decorate it from the ground up and watch it thrive! Choose the floor plan and design, hire employees and buy merchandise. You can sell anything from clothing and electronics to toys, flowers and robots. Have fun teaching your Sim that the customer is king and maintain employee morale by creating interesting sales incentives. Your Sim will do everything needed to create a lucrative — and fun — business.

Learn the Tricks of the Trade
Improve your Sim’s sales skills and determine if your employees should use a “hard sell” or drop the price to close the deal. Teach winning techniques to help your Sim win the best-of-the-best award and establish their business reputation.

Turn Talents into Cash
Is your master-skilled Sim waiting to turn their talents into profit? From arranging flowers and designing robots to serving food and making toys, your Sim can create the most valued, expensive goods in the business and rake in the Simoleons.

More than 125 New Items
Stock up on essentials for your Sim’s business including display cases, a makeover station, a salon chair, a toy workbench, flower arranging stations, cash registers and more.