Newest Issue Of Time Magazine Loves Wii

Time Magazine recently got their hands on Nintendo’s next-gen console Wii for a full-featured article in the publication’s upcoming issue (May 15, 2006). Though the article has yet to surface online or in print, some excerpts have surfaced and provide playable details for a new Wario Ware Wii, a tennis game, and Zelda: Twilight Princess control details.

In regards to playing the above three mentioned games, the article had this to say: “It’s a remarkable experience. Instead of passively playing the games, with the new controller you physically perform them… The sense of immersion–the illusion that you, personally, are projected into the game world–is powerful. And there’s an instant party atmosphere in the room.

If we ever get our hands on the mag we will try and write up a partial transcript of the article…

Source: Joystiq