New Xbox360 Controller Possible?

In a presentation at today’s Gamefest event in Seattle, Microsoft’s product unit manager for hardware Robert S. Walker made some comments suggesting that the company may release a new optional “advanced” version of the Xbox 360 controller at some point in the future. Although this may bring back memories of MS releasing the replacement Controller-S for the original Xbox shortly after it’s release Walker did stress that if this new controller was ever released in the future it would be optional.

The presentation was largely focused on Xbox 360 peripherals coming in the near future, such as the Xbox Live Vision camera and the Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel, but at a certain point the topic shifted to the issue of fine control in genres such as first person shooters which are arguably less suited to traditional console controllers than to a mouse and keyboard.

Walker noted that Microsoft is looking at ways to modify the right analog stick on the controller to make it more conducive to the precise movements used in shooters and various other genres. This controller would not replace the original controller, and would merely be an option available to players looking for a more advanced control scheme.

We here at DarkZero would love MS to revise the 360’s d-pad as it makes some titles (*hint* Street Fighter *hint*) very hard to play.

Source: Shacknews