New Wow Expansion – Level Cap Reaches 80

In more news from Blizzcon a brand new, and highly rumoured over the course of the last week, expansion for WOW has been announced. The expansion, which goes by the name Wrath of the Lich King, will open up the northern continent of Northrend, and its inhabitant Arthis to all players. The new continent will have new arenas, new battlegrounds, and siege weapons (for destroying buildings). The expansion itself will also introduce a new profession called “inscriptions”, with new character customization option such as new hairstyles been available. Also 5 man dungeons, up to 100-man raids, and 100s of new quests, monsters, and items will be on show in the expansion. Of course, that’s not all, the expansion will also bring a new class called Death Knight Hero to proceddings, should you feel like starting all the way from level 1 again.

Finally, Blizzard ended the conference by announcing that they have set up loads of computers in the next room for those in attendance that wanted to play Wrath of the Lich King. Apparently loads of people wanted to, lucky them!