New Wii Zelda in production, 2010 date and Wii MotionPlus mentioned


As part of his post-conference roundtable discussion at E3, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto has said that a new Zelda game for Wii is planned – but he gave little to no details on what the game will be about. In fact, the only solid bit of info was a piece of concept art for the game that he showed on a monitor.

Miyamoto then almost started thinking out loud, commenting that he could use Wii MotionPlus in the game – although also admitting it may not work for the series. He also asked people to consider the way the archery and fencing games in Wii Sports Resort play, as these could be hints towards how a new Zelda would play with Wii MotionPlus.

A date of 2010 was also tossed around, although we’d expect it would be very late 2010 if it makes that date at all.