New Viva Pinata Details have posted some new info concering Rare upcoming Viva Pinata. They talk of the games features which include stuff such as:

– No tasks will be set by game,tou can set your own tasks (be the best, the greatest, get the best pinatas)

– Pinatas will have a will of their own and wont necessarily do what you tell them to.

– They also say Just watching Pinatas is great fun (apparently!!)

– You can sell Pinata;s for chocolate coins and trade on XBL

– Pinata carry sweets, you can break them up to get them or pinatas break up other pinatas (empty pinatas heal, but leave your garden)

– Bad pinatas like crocodiles which carry bad sweets

– Build your garden together with someone over XBL

– A spectator mode will be included

– You can make new pinatas by combining different sets of clothes with your pinatas

– They also reveal no trademark british humour with be on show this time