New Video Games Show To Hit Screens

Gaming is set to return to primetime TV schedules later this year as MCV has learned that CiTV will be announcing a new show later this month. The show is set to be a review-based and is set to be aired some time between 4pm and 6pm on an as-yet unspecified weekday. MCV also understands that official confirmation and further details will be announced by ITV Granada later this month.

Who knows what this show will be like but we would be willing to bet it still will not top the longstanding greatness of Gamesmaster. There is a chance it may top Bad Influence, GamesWorld, Bits, When Games Attack or Thumb Bandits. However this is also a chance it could reach the terrible depths of Gamezville and *shudder* Games Network. At this time it still seems like the best bet for gamers in Gamer TV, which is broadcast on Bravo.