New Video Compression Technology For Ninty Handheld

Actimagine, France and Nintendo have signed a license agreement that allows Nintendo to use Actimagine video compression technology for Nintendo’s portable gaming systems, the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS,

Actimagine video compression technology allows Nintendo and its licensees to release video titles that can be played on Nintendo’s portable gaming devices. Full length movies will soon be available on cartridges for these consoles and this innovation turns the Nintendo consoles into the world’s most affordable portable video player.

The main benefits of Actimagine technologies are superior image quality,
faster frame rates and high quality stereo sound all utilized in a high
compression factor that reduces memory requirements.

More recently, Actimagine has upgraded its technology, allowing a 90 minute movie to be stored on a 32MB cartridge, producing impressive audio and video quality on Nintendo portable consoles.

André Pagnac, CEO of Actimagine explains “The adaptation of our video
compression technology for Nintendo portable consoles has been a very
challenging project. We are happy and honoured that Nintendo selected our technologies