New TimeSplitters Confirmed In Latest OPM

In the latest issue of the UK edition of the Official Playstation Magazine (OPM) it has been revealed that Free Radical are currently working on a new addition to the TimeSplitters series of games, the games are best known for there multiplayer greatness. Currently, due to the single-format nature of said magazine the game has only been confirmed for PS3 but a press released and/or further announcement could see 360 getting a look in further down the line. It is believed that once Haze gets released the company will shift there focus the new TimeSplitters game.

In the magazine OPM showed the games logo which mimics the logo of Gears of War by placing the famous GOW gear around a monkey head leading to speculation that the company could end up spoofing that games layout and levels. Interestingly, it has also been revealed, but not shown as of yet, that Free Radical are currently sending out concept art for the game that shows a monkey dressed in green battle amour similar to that of the Master Chief which, once again, leads to speculation that the Halo series could be part of the spoofing once we finally find out more. In the article accompanying a small tidbit of info was given when Steve Ellis, director of Free Radical cleverly said they’re “‘gearing’ up to insert monkeys and guns into all the wrong places.

Whatever happens with the series here’s hoping the new TimeSplitters game ends up been a much needed change of pace for the FPS genre as one too many serious FPS titles seem to be getting both released, and announced as every day passes. We need a laugh!