New Tiberium Wars Content On Live Marketplace

If you were getting a bit bored of Command and Conquer on the 360 then prepare for you interested to peek once again as EA have announce and collection of downloadable content for that title. The content consists of map packs, a developer interview and a picture pack. In a nice piece of generosity one map, a 1v1 map titled Ground Zero, is available for free whilst the five others will set you back some of those Microsoft points you no doubt despise! These five maps will be sold together in a pack called ‘Map Pack 1′ for 500MP. The pack includes the maps Black’s Bigger Battle, Tiber River Valley, Frontier Fracas, Tiberium Gardens III and Tournament Desert Redux.

A dev interview about the maps is available as free download while a Picture Pack called Factions’ is also available at a cost of 80MP. If you still have not bothered to pick up the game then why not read our review to find out what the fuss is about.