New Thriller “The Outsider” Announced For Next Gen

Frontier Games today announced its first new game for fifth generation consoles titled “The Outsider”. Frontier has been focussing on new game-play elements that are now possible on the imminent console platforms, and emphasise that gorgeous graphics are merely the starting point; they do not make a true ‘next generation’ game. Several key proprietary technologies, which Frontier has been developing for some time, make their debut in “The Outsider” and bring the sort of freedom of action first seen in “Elite” bang up to date.

The game radically enriches the player’s experience by abandoning the traditional, prescriptive, mostly linear story of current generation games, and replaces it by simulating characters’ motivations and aims. This gives the player genuine freedom to change the story outcomes in a way that has not been seen before – each player will get a truly unique, sophisticated, visceral experience rather than simply switching between ‘good’ or ‘evil’. The techniques used are enabled by the greatly increased processing power available to the imminent new consoles including the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

“The Outsider” is a gripping, high-tech thriller played out against the backdrop of a living, crowded city based on present-day Washington DC and its environs including the CIA HQ at Langley, Andrews Air Force Base and Newport News Naval Dockyard. As a CIA operative the player has a mouth-watering arsenal of technology, combat talents and weaponry available to him. A shocking opening scenario wrongly makes him Public Enemy Number One in the eyes of the media and the public at large, but leaves many different ways to proceed to wreak ultra-violent revenge, to turn the tables and exploit the shady organisations he is mixed up with for his own ends or crusading to clear his name.

The new games consoles like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 offer a massive opportunity in the future of gaming. One of the comparisons I like to make is with the film industry – we’re at the stage that the film industry was at in 1930, where people had started to tire of effects driven ‘car-on-a-train-track’ films and wanted something more, just as technology and budgets greatly increased to bring in the golden age of Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Wells and many others. A golden age of games is now just around the corner, and I believe ‘The Outsider’ is one of the first of these.” said David Braben, Chairman and Founder of Frontier.

Frontier recently re-located to the prestigious Cambridge Science Park and is currently recruiting programmers, game designers, animators and artists, both experienced and new to the games industry.