New TGS Content On The Live Marketplace

Major Nelson has posted details what we should expect to see on the Live Marketplace at the beginning of the Tokyo Game Show. Also, since the Xbox Live Vison Camera was also released in the US today, new updates for games supporting the camera have been released. Full details are listed below:

DOA X2 E3 Trailer (Japan Only)
Project Sylpheed (Japan Only)
Tenchu Senran
Half-Life 2 – Episode 2

Tenchu Senran (Japan Only)
Game Downloads
BFMEII Aragorn’s Journey – Map Pack 1 – Free
BFMEII Northern Badlands – Map Pack 2 – 350 Points

Spades Vision support
Hearts Vision support
Backgammon Vision support
Bankshot Billiards Vision support
Note: If you already purchased one of the above titles, you’ll be prompted for the free autoupdate the next time you play the game and you’re connected to Xbox Live.[/i]

TGS Picture Pack