New Sadness Details Revealed

The always reporting – yet mostly hit and miss – GoNintendo has put as a news report up detailing some things we will see in Sadness when it is released in 2008 – the info apparently comes from the latest issue of Game Informer.

The first bit of new info reveals that the game will contain around 15 hours of gameplay along with a possible 10 different endings meaning – should the game actually be a good one – there will be lots to do. Another point is that the game will have an environment full of interactive weapons – which we predict will be somewhat akin to the PC/360 release of Condemned.

Finally some script details were announced as it appears gamers will “Play the role of Maria, who must watch over her son Alexander after they are in a train accident. Alexander is blinded during the accident, so you must protect him. For whatever reason, Alexander begins acting ‘odd’ after the accident.